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Some Suggested Readings on American Indians

Africans and Native Americans (1993)
Jack D. Forbes
University of Illinois Press
ISBN 0-252-06321-X 

The Cherokee (1989)
Theda Perdue
Chelsea House Publishers
ISBN 0-7910-0357-4 

Eastern Shore Indians of Virginia and Maryland (1997)
Helen C. Rountree and Thomas E. Davidson
University Press of Virginia
ISBN 0-8139-1801-4 

Fools Crow (1990)
Thomas E. Mails
Bison Books
USBN 0-8032-8174-9

Give Me My Father’s Body  (2000)
Kenn Harper
Steerforth Press

God Is Red: A Native View of Religion (1992)
Vine Deloria, Jr.
North American Press, Golden, CO

Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison (1941, 1969)
Lois Lenski
Harper Trophy Books
ISBN 0-06-446162-9

The Indians of New Jersey  (1938, 1961)
M. R. Harrington
Rutgers University Press
Library of Congress Card #63-15519 

Indians In Pennsylvania (1969)
Paul A. W. Wallace
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission 

Jim Thorpe and the Oorang Indians (1984)
Robert L. Whitman
The Hubbard Company
Library of Congress #84-90068 

Lies My Teacher Told Me (1996)
James W. Loewen
Simon & Schuster
ISBN 0-684-81886-8 

The Long Bitter Trail: Andrew Jackson and the Indians (1993)
Anthony F.C. Wallace
Hill & Wang Publishers, NY, NY 

Mankiller: A Chief and Her People (1993)
Wilma Mankiller
St. Martin's Press
ISBN 0-312-11393-5

 The Mystic Warriors of the Plains (1972, 1996)
Thomas E. Mails
Marlowe & Company
ISBN 1-56924-843-5 

The Native Americans: An Illustrated History (1993)
Edited by Betty and Ian Ballantine
Turner Publishing, Inc.
ISBN 1-878685-42-2 

Native American Testimony: A Chronicle of Indian-White Relations
from Prophecy to the Present, 1492-2000
by Peter Nabokov (Editor), Vine Deloria, Jr.
Penguin Press USA
ISBN: 0140281592

Native Roots: How the Indians Enriched America (1991)
Jack Weatherford
Fawcett Coumbine Books
ISBN 0-49-90713-9

The New Indians (1968)
Stan Steiner
Harper & Row, Publishers
Library of Congress #67-22509 

The Only Land They Knew: The Tragic Story of the American Indians in the Old South (1981)
J. Leitch Wright, Jr.
The Free Press/McMillan Publishing Co., Inc.
ISBN 0-02-934690-8 

Plenty-Coups, Chief of the Crows (1930, 1957)
Frank B. Linderman
University. of Nebraska Press
ISBN 0-8032-5121-1 

Pretty Shield: Medicine Woman of the Crows (1972)
Frank B. Linderman
University of Nebraska Press

Powhatan’s Mantle: Indians in the Colonial Southeast (1989)
Edited by Peter H. Wood
University of Nebraska Press
ISBN 0-8032-4745-1

Red Earth, White Lies: Native Americans and the Myth of Scientific Fact (1995)
Vine Deloria, Jr.
Scribner, NY, NY
ISBN 0-684-80700-9 

The Rights of Indians and Tribes (1992)
Edited by Stephen L. Pevar, A.C.L.U.
Southern Illinois University Press
ISBN 0-8093-1768-0 

The Soul of An Indian (1911)
Ohiyesa (Charles Alexander Eastman)
New World Library
ISBN 1-880032-23-6

William Penn's Own Account of the Lenni Lenape or Delaware Indians
Edited by Albert Cook Myers (1970)
Middle Atlantic Press, Wallingford, PA
ISBN 0-912608-13-7